Op-Eds & Media

“Assassins, anarchists and anti-British activism: Dispatches from the Egyptian underground,” Middle East Eye, November 11, 2022

“The broader horizons of global anarchism, which connected Egyptian anti-British activism to struggles in India, Ireland and Indonesia – as well as to the global class struggle – remain largely lost to history.” 

“New Books Challenge Old Narratives of the 1919 Revolution,” Middle East Eye, July 30, 2022

“If you focus closely enough on specific spaces and places like Asyut, keeping attuned to their connections to broader transregional networks of empire, the myth of national unity in the historiography of 1919 starts to unravel.”

“When Egypt was Black,” Africa is a Country, June 8, 2022

“Pharaonism, a mode of national identification linking people living in Egypt today with ancient pharaohs, emerged partly as an alternative to colonial British efforts to racialize Egyptians as people of color.”

“New Texts Out Now: The Egyptian Labor Corps: Race, Space, and Place in the First World War,” Jadaliyya, May 23, 2022

“The most important part of this book as I see it now is about bringing the lessons of African American studies to bear on the history of modern Egypt.”

“How Egypt’s grandiose neo-Pharaonism lends legitimacy to its strongman,” The New Arab, November 23, 2021

“Seeking legitimacy through grandiosity, Egypt’s military rulers led by President Sisi have been staging epic neo-Pharaonic displays, but this has dark roots linked to European fascism and 20th-century revisionism.”